Prepare for Leg Lengthening Surgery

Calcium - Calcium is needed for strong bones. Since leg lengthening involves breaking your bones in half and stretching them out to grow longer, it is advised that you take in a lot of calcium. Additionally, take in Vitamin D since it acts as a stimulant to absorb more calcium.

Calf Muscles Stretching - Well I am not completely sure why this is important but I did read it on a couple of forums. I think the fact that your leg becomes longer, your muscles are also forced to be elongated. So having a stretched strong one will reduce complications.

Running - Being in good physical shape will help you with any surgery.

Losing Weight - Many doctors that I read actually stated that this was unimportant. But since you are going to have tender legs that need to be protected after surgery.. being of less weight will help you.

9/29/11: My goal is to contact every hospital that I have listed on this site to get a rough idea as to costs, height increases, and timelines. I will post the email replies that I receive here on this site so it saves you the effort in having to do the same thing.

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