Leg Lengthening - Illegal in China

Having a leg lengthening procedure done in China is one of the best deals around the world, financially. The cost for the operation is 22,000 Euros and on top of that, they include free hospitalization for up to 6 months, and include the cost of any other potential charges. For me, the latter is the clincher. I would hate to budget for a limb lengthening procedure but then be sidled with additional costs.

But then I later found out it is illegal in China. The hospital that I contacted in Beijing that performs this actually says that they call it some type of psychological treatment and that there is a slim chance they would be shut down. Imagine yourself getting the procedure done and then being shut down. You would be in major problems, right?

This fact alone really eliminates China as the destination for me to have this procedure done. Sorry to those of you considering adding a few inches of height in this country but it is just too much of a worry for me.

9/29/11: My goal is to contact every hospital that I have listed on this site to get a rough idea as to costs, height increases, and timelines. I will post the email replies that I receive here on this site so it saves you the effort in having to do the same thing.

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