Leg Lengthening Surgery in Brazil

CERO Hospital Vita Curitiba

Dr. Richard Luzzi
BR 116 Km 4047
Curitiba - PR
Phone: -7904
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://grupovita.com.br/estrutura-vita-curitiba.html

Hospital Beneficencia Portuguesa

Dr. Monica Paschoal Nogueira
Adult and Pediatric Limb Reconstruction
01433-030 Sao Paulo - SP
Phone: +55 11 3887 7600
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://www.beneficencia.org.br/

Hospital de Baleia

Dr. Wagner Nogueira da Silva
Estoril - Belo Horizonte - Minas Grais
Phone: -5873
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://www.hospitaldabaleia.org.br/interna.aspx?id=29&idt=2&cont=282&ic=1

Mae de Deus Hospital

Dr. Renato Slomka
Rua Jose de Alencar 286
Porto Alegre - RS
Phone: +55 51 32641616
Email: [email protected]
URL: http://www.maededeus.com.br/

9/29/11: My goal is to contact every hospital that I have listed on this site to get a rough idea as to costs, height increases, and timelines. I will post the email replies that I receive here on this site so it saves you the effort in having to do the same thing.

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