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Received Sep 28, 2011

Thank you for your inquiries.

Our patients can gain up to 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) in one operation on upper legs (femurs) or lower legs (tibias). Patients may also gain a total of 8-9 inches (20-22 cm) in 2 operations.

1 operation on femur for 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) 2nd operation on tibias for 4 inches (10 cm). The amount of gain in tibias may vary from patient to patient. In many cases it is advised by Prof. Dr. Betz to lengthen up to 6-6.5 cm in tibias.

Patients gain an average of 7-10 cm in one bone region at the Betz institute.

The rate of lengthening is 1 millimetre per day. Every 10 days is 1 cm Patients can gain up to 10 cm (4 inches) in 3 � months.

Patients have the option of staying at the residential centre at the Betz institute, rehabilitation clinic, an apartment nearby, or with a local family. The prices vary depending on where you stay.

Patients can also return home after their hospital stay once they feel comfortable with the lengthening. Patients can lengthen in Germany in or near our institute or return home to lengthen. Many of our patients return home shortly after the hospital stay. It is possible for our patients to return home to lengthen 2-3 weeks after their operation.

The internal device used by Prof. Dr. Betz is preferred for cosmetic limb lengthening because of its many advantages. The device is completely internal, allows for immediate weight bearing, patients do not require the use of a wheelchair and may use crutches from the day after the operation, allows for a 10 cm/ 4 inch gain, has extremely small scars, minimal risk of infection, simple design to eliminate risk of mechanical failure, patients are in complete control of the rate of distraction, easy monitoring and controlling, allows patients to return to home, work, or school sooner than any other device.

The internal device is the only device that allows patients full weight bearing in combination with the use of crutches during the lengthening. Other devices require the use of a wheelchair or expensive, specially made orthopaedic device during and after the lengthening phase.

The recovery depends on the amount of gain. After the lengthening the bone takes approx. 6-8 weeks to consolidate enough for patients to begin walking without crutches. Please note that this time frame may vary.

Here is the timeframe of a typical limb lengthening patient
Operation/rest = 1 day
Hospital = typically 6-10 (patients can stay up to 14 days)
Lengthening = 1 millimetre per day, 3 cm per month.
Consolidation = typically 8-12 weeks (this phase may be longer)

The whole procedure to lengthen both femurs costs approx. 45.500 Euros and covers the entire operation, implants, hospital stay up to 14 days, physical therapy during the hospital stay, and Prof. Dr. Betz post-operative visits. The cost to lengthen both tibias (lower legs) is approx. 47.500 Euros.

Prof. Dr. Betz is the most experienced limb lengthening surgeon in the world with internal devices. Cosmetic limb lengthening is a routine procedure for Prof. Dr. Betz in which he has performed over 320 procedures approx. 6-8 procedures per month.

We encourage all potential patients to come for a consultation and visit our facility (hospital, residential centre, rehabilitation centre), see the accommodations, and meet current patients during different stages of lengthening so that they can see the results for themselves. When patients come for their consultations they have the option of having their picture taken for the purpose of manipulating it for patients to see what they would look like with different gains.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or would like to schedule a consultation with Prof. Dr. Betz.

Best regards
Yvonne Betz
Betz Institute
Heeresstr. 49
66822 Lebach
[email protected]

9/29/11: My goal is to contact every hospital that I have listed on this site to get a rough idea as to costs, height increases, and timelines. I will post the email replies that I receive here on this site so it saves you the effort in having to do the same thing.

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