Limb Lengthening Center of Iran (LLCI) Leg Lengthening Cost, Iran 2011 Price

"a) method used,"
LON(lengthening over nail)

" b) cost,"
total cost for 6 cm lengthening of shins during 90 days will be 21000 euro .

"c) expected distraction period,"
70 days

"d) expected healing period,"
for 6 cm , it takes about 7 months for compelete recovery.

" e) average height increase of patients,"
6 cm

"f) whether housing is provided or not"
yes 590 euro /month

," g) if potential issues during surgery are covered in the cost. "

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9/29/11: My goal is to contact every hospital that I have listed on this site to get a rough idea as to costs, height increases, and timelines. I will post the email replies that I receive here on this site so it saves you the effort in having to do the same thing.

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